Meeting the Deburring Challenge on Complex Aerospace Parts

High speed deurring of rotating parts…

Mass Finishing Part Applications

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Before Processing with Turbo-Abrasive machining.

After Processing with Turbo-Abrasive Machining. A high-speed dry spindle finishing method with an abrasive fluidized-bed for deburring and isotropic finishing

Before_and_after_Comparison_Turbine_disks 2016

TAM Green Background Two step finishing procedure with Turbo-Finish.  (1)  Deburring, edge-contour and surface smoothing (2) Final finish and polish with Turbo-Finish fine polish media.

slide0051_image062 Edges and surfaces can be brought to below ten micro-inch Ra with secondary turbo-polishing operations.  Fine finishes enhance visual inspection for quality assurance.

Gear After TAM ABOVE: Heavily rooted burrs can be removed in a hands-free automated process.

turbo-charger rotors ABOVE: Very rapid automated deburring and surface enhancement of rotor parts

Turbo Finish Disk before

finished turbo finish disc Upper picture: Sharp edge condition and as ground surface condition prior to Turbo-Finish processing. Lower photo:  Fir-tree geometries deburring and edge-contoured, Isotropic finish on disc surfaces.

Before Compressor Disk Picture

After Compressor Disk Picture Upper Photo:  Disc prior to processing with Turbo-Finish,  Lower Photo: Disc after processing

bEFORE AND AFTER Turbo-finish Processing of extreme burr and surface conditions


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