High-Speed Dry Spindle Deburring and Finishing of Complex Part Shapes

Subtractive Manufacturing Technology Blog

Featured Photo above: Machining and broaching operations on aerospace rotating hardware can develop significant burr and sharp edge conditions.  Turbo-Finish is an automated dry finishing method that can minimize much of the cost of dealing with this thorny and costly problem.

by Dr. Michael Massarsky
Turbo-Finish Corporation

Turbo-Abrasive Machining (also referred to as Turbo-Finish) is a mechanical deburring and finishing method originally developed to automate edge finishing procedures on complex rotationally oriented and symmetrical aerospace engine components. Since its inception, this method of utilizing fluidized abrasive materials has facilitated significant reductions in the amount of manual intervention required to deburr large components. Additionally, the process has also proved to be useful in edge and surface finishing a wide variety of other non-rotational components by incorporating these components into fixturing systems. The advantages of this method go beyond the simple removal or attenuation of burrs. The method is also…

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